Functional assistance in optimizing your financial processes and lowering costs. Accruon consultants provide Virtual CFO or outsourced CFO services as functional senior management financial advisers to entrepreneurial enterprises, SMBs, and even large-scale corporates who want budgeted financial counsel partnerships for overall company process improvements. We offer financial advice as well as cost-cutting measures.

Our virtual CFOs will act as strategic partners, working to improve overall company performance. They’ll be on your Senior Management team. Our services are tailored to each client and seek to provide rapid improvements in business performance. Some of the primary advantages of Accruon outsourced CFO functions are cost savings and the establishment of internal control systems, timely financial reporting, efficient cash flow management, and the development of a dependable and experienced accounting team.

Virtual CFO Roles:

  • Be the bank’s knowledgeable and experienced point of contact for all financial transactions.
  • An experienced overseer and guide for the client’s Accounting staff, providing guidance on which activities to do at each stage of company operations.
  • A fundamental and required responsibility is to arrange the company’s transactions and get the customer bank-ready.
  • Perform management support duties such as dealing with common business issues and financial management activities.
  • Prepare, evaluate, and deliver an annual budget on a regular basis.
  • SOP creation and implementation.
  • Analyze customer financial data and create management information reports.
  • As needed, provide top management with assistance and professional advice.
  • Manage operating capital to ensure covenants are met.
  • Make certain that risk management is successful.

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