VAT Registration Service in UAE

VAT Registration in UAE

The tax imposed on the price of products and services for using/attaining them is called the Value Added Tax or VAT. In UAE, if a business’ gross income is more than 375,000 Dirhams on an annual basis, that firm is bound to undergo VAT registration procedures. If a company proceeds to operate irrespective of being qualified for the Tax, it may end up causing legal actions. We at Accruon Consultants and Accountants LLC are experts in UAE VAT law and we muster up unequalled provisions of VAT de-registration, which need businesses that don’t meet the criteria to register to go under mandatory de-registration.

If you have done your VAT Registration process on your own and found it tricky, exploring processes involved is not good news for you. It is equally difficult to get done. Like most VAT processes, VAT registration too requires abundant paper works. The gathering of document will require you to be well-versed in all the intricate detailing of VAT taxing. Accruon’s exceptionally talented professionals are equipped with easing the effort by half for you. It is to be noted that FTA will necessitate a valid clarification and announcement as part of de-registration process of businesses. As per the UAE VAT rules, one may be liable to penalty if failed to prove compliance.

Accruon Consultants and Accountants LLC is the flag-bearer of VAT tax services. We have garnered attention of some of the most successful firms in the GCC by resolving VAT issues methodically and before deadlines. Be an entrepreneur or an established business person, VAT tax proceedings if not done carefully might take a toll on compliance and may cost a fortune as penalty. We guarantee that all communication between the FTA authority is taken place in a professional and error-free manner.

Who should register for Excise/VAT in the UAE?

There are two types of VAT registrations in the UAE, according to UAE VAT law. Mandatory VAT Registration and Voluntary VAT Registration are the two types of VAT registration.

A. VAT Registration is Required:

  • Any natural or legal person who has made supplies or sales totaling more than AED 375,000 in the previous 12 months must register for VAT in the UAE

  • Any person who does not have a permanent residence in the UAE (non-resident) is required to register for VAT in the UAE if he makes any supply in the UAE, regardless of his turnover. Only if no one else is liable for paying VAT on his behalf against such deliveries is this necessary VAT registration applicable to such nonresidents

  • In addition, any individual who reasonably expects that his supplies/sales will surpass AED 375,000 in the next 30 days must apply for VAT registration in the UAE

B. Registration for VAT on a voluntary basis:

  • If a person's supplies/sales for the previous 12 months totaled more than AED 187,500 (but less than AED 375,000), he or she can register for VAT in the UAE under the voluntary option

  • If a person reasonably estimates that his supplies/sales will exceed AED 187,500 (but not AED 375,000) in the next 30-days, he or she may voluntarily register for VAT

  • If a person's taxable expenses in the previous 12 months exceeded AED 187,500, he or she can register for VAT in the UAE on a voluntary basis

  • A person who estimates, on reasonable grounds, that his tax-exempt expenses would exceed AED 187,500 in the next 30 days can also use the Voluntary VAT registration method to register for VAT

Tax Group Concept

Anyone doing business in the UAE is not permitted to hold more than one VAT Registration number, according to UAE VAT legislation. Anyone with economic, financial, or regulatory interests in several organisations can combine them into one tax group.

The UAE VAT Laws are easier to comply with when enterprises are grouped together under one tax group. For the purposes of UAE VAT, the tax group will be regarded as a single entity. Any transactions among the tax group’s entities will be exempt from UAE VAT.

Why should you hire Accroun Consultancy?

Though the procedure of tax registration in the UAE is believed to be simpler than many other tax systems throughout the world, it comes with its own set of complications.

Various paperwork and details must be filled in throughout the VAT registration process, which is a seven-step procedure. Accurately arranging the data necessitates a tremendous deal of knowledge and perseverance. Our tax registration service comes in handy in this situation.

Our experts can walk you through the steps and assist you in compiling the paperwork required by the FTA.

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