VAT Reconsideration

VAT Reconsideration in UAE

VAT reconsideration in the UAE permits a taxable person to request a review of the FTA’s decision. To conduct their company smoothly, all enterprises in the UAE must be aware of the tax rules. VAT fines and penalties will be imposed on businesses who do not respect the Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA) tax legislation.

There are numerous instances where businesses respect the FTA’s laws and regulations yet nonetheless face fines and penalties. In these instances, the taxpayer is unconvinced by FTA’s conclusion. The taxpayer may request for VAT Reconsideration in such instances.

What is VAT Reconsideration in UAE?

Within 20 business days of receiving a penalty from the FTA, any firm or individual can ask for VAT reconsideration in the UAE. If the business demonstrates its case through UAE VAT reconsideration, the authority will examine the judgement and may waive the fines.

How to apply for VAT Reconsideration in UAE?

The FTA website has a VAT reconsideration form for the UAE. VAT reconsideration can be submitted online by businesses. If you want to file a reconsideration request for any of FTA's rulings, you must submit the application and any supporting documentation in Arabic exclusively. When an application or supporting documents are provided in English, the FTA will not investigate.

What documents must be included with the VAT Reconsideration Form?

If you disagree with the penalty judgement made by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), you can ask for the decision to be reconsidered. The tax registrant, non-registrants, or a tax agency can all submit a VAT reconsideration form.

You must prepare a compelling case with evidence and reasonable reasons why a penalty should not be levied before submitting a VAT reconsideration.

The following documents must be submitted with the UAE VAT reconsideration form:

Response Time for VAT Reconsideration in the UAE

A response to a valid and full Clarification request could take up to 40 business days. The FTA will ask for more information if a request is incomplete, and a response can take up to 40 business days following the re-submission.

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