Acquisitions & Mergers

Acquisitions & Mergers

To conduct Mergers and Acquisitions process in a smooth manner, it is important to keep track of Joint Ventures and Sales and Purchase Agreements. It is these Ventures and Agreements that lay foundation to pre-approved terms of a deal and mention essential security policies and terms for parties that take part in the deal. They also structure the legal fabric required for the sale. It is no exaggeration to term Joint Ventures and Sales and Purchase Agreements as documents of great standing for both sellers and buyers.

At Accruon Consultants and Accountants, we provide you an unparalleled amalgamation of special legal skills with focus on regional legal framework. We have an excellent team of business and sales experts who will make sure that important tasks and clauses are carefully composed with all the details needed to dodge potential dangers. The clauses we work on are covenants, consideration, conditions precedent, warranties & indemnities and applicable jurisdictions

We assist you meet the requirements of Joint Venture and Sale and Purchase Agreement by:

  • Clearly established goals for joint ventures

  • Advising firms in choosing apt working partners

  • joint venture contributions are measured with their values added to the sales

  • Bringing a clear structure to joint venture the functioning model

  • Bringing forth a sharply distinguished performance management system

  • Laying out the plan for alterations and exits from sale and purchase agreements and joint ventures

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We will assign a dedicated and qualified team to your entity, who will assist you in ensuring statutory compliance and providing necessary management reports.