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Audit & Assurance Services in Dubai ,UAE

One of the fundamental services that every organisation requires to keep track of their financial transactions is audit and assurance. Auditing services in Dubai, UAE is dedicated to offering transparent and methodical financial statement audits and other assurance services that provide significant insights into your business. Auditing is no longer just a numbers game; it now encompasses more than just reports and approvals to provide a holistic picture of a company.

Accounting and Audit services in Dubai are one of the fundamental services that you can't skip as a business owner or entrepreneur to keep watch of your firm. They guarantee that your company complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and accounting standards. All organisations are required by Emirati legislation to produce an audit report for their services. The audit firms in Dubai assist commercial entities in fitting into the Emirati economy and taking care of the basic essentials in order to comply with the law. Our Dubai-based expert auditors conduct an accurate, thorough, and unbiased audit to ensure regulatory compliance. Using professional audit services in Dubai can help you confirm that your company is following UAE laws, rules, and accounting standards.
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Audit Services in Dubai ,UAE

Internal Audit

Offering the best financial audit services in Dubai to ensure the integrity & transparency. One of the Best Auditors in UAE

External Audit

A financial statement audit is a third-party examination of an organization’s financial statements, establishing confidence in the company's financial reporting

VAT Audit

A VAT audit eliminates the possibility of a tax audit. VAT is a significant financial risk if it is not properly submitted or if the fiscal documents do not conform with current regulations

Compliance Audit

Accroun consultants conducts a comprehensive compliance audit in the UAE that improves overall internal controls, asset protection, revenue generation, brand recognition, and profitability

Free Zone Audit

The audit in the free zone must be completed to prevent fines and penalties. Accroun is a renowned auditing firm in the United Arab Emirates

Fraud Investigation

A fraud investigation audit report can protect a company's reputation and rescue it from long-term damage. Improves the control system of the organisation

Company Liquidation

Liquidation - winding up is a process by which a company’s operations and existence are terminated. Accroun consultants provides clients with appropriate procedures for company liquidation in the UAE

Management Audit

The goal of a management audit is to examine and evaluate the company’s management’s competencies and capabilities in achieving corporate goals

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We provide High-Quality Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE .We will assign a dedicated and qualified team to your entity, who will assist you in ensuring statutory compliance and providing necessary management reports.