The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA), in response to intensive assessments, consultations, and development, will introduce the new “EmaraTax” platform in November of this year.

Later this year, the new platform will be made public after several months of evaluation, discussion, and development. EmaraTax nevertheless represents an important turning point in FTA’s efforts to develop into a leading, digitalized tax administration in full acknowledgment of the UAE’s national digital strategy.

Taxpayers may quickly pay their taxes, collect refunds, and use FTA services with EmaraTax. Additionally, because of the new platform, the FTA will be able to interact with taxpayers who require assistance sooner and make better, quicker judgments about a tax administration strategy for the UAE.

EmaraTax now gives more online access to FTA services, a streamlined and simplified user experience, and a wide range of self-help and service request options thanks to a number of significant improvements. Features for individual taxpayers, tax agents, legal counsel, diplomatic missions, customs agencies, and verification agencies are only a few of the many additional features EmaraTax introduces.

The new platform is a cutting-edge tax administration ecosystem that integrates with other significant government organisations like the UAE Central Bank and national technology-based initiatives like UAE PASS. The platform streamlines a variety of user procedures, including logging in and creating tax returns, by making the greatest use of standard data.

EmaraTax is mobile-friendly, and the App will be released soon after the new platform becomes operational in November 2022.

EmaraTax was created recently to give people a more simple, efficient, and transparent approach to handle their taxes.

In the upcoming weeks, the FTA will provide further details about EmaraTax and the changeover procedure.

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