Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

Special economic zones known as “Free Zones” in Dubai provide tax-free, 100% foreign-owned, and duty-free benefits to foreign investors. Because of this, free zones are the most advantageous places in the Middle East for conducting business internationally, drawing many people to establish Free Zone companies in Dubai. Express Business, a renowned business consulting firm, focuses on free zone company formation in UAE and Dubai free zones. The Commercial Companies Law does not apply to businesses established in free zone zones. Free Zones in Dubai and the UAE are governed by their own rules and regulations and are thought to be outside of UAE law. Investors from all over the world seeking to register a free zone company in Dubai have access to fantastic commercial prospects in Dubai. Dubai offers the most permissive working environment and simple free zone firm setup procedures in terms of rules and regulations. Express Business serves as a one-

stop shop for investors, minimizing their difficulties and completing everything as quickly as possible.


  • Foreign ownership at 100% (no local partner or sponsor required).
  • No corporate tax for 50 years, with the option of renewal for another 50.
  • Importing into the free zones of duty-free items.
  • straightforward hiring processes, work permits, and visas.
  • Possibility of property ownershipBusiness secrets are highly protected.
  • Dubai bank account opening permitted.
  • No limitations on engaging in several activities.
  • can stop business operations at your discretion.
  • For free zone firm establishment, renewal costs are reasonable.

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