A forensic audit is a review and analysis of a company’s financial records that can be used as evidence in court. To assist you find fraud and protect evidence, it is a thorough, deep level scan assessment. The concept of fraud and detailed provisions for penalising fraudulent conduct are found in Section 447 of the new Company Act of 2013. It includes a broad range of investigation procedures.

 The main advantages of forensic audit are listed below.

  •  It aids in the discovery of more practical and effective solutions.
  •  Helps reduce and stopping needless loss.
  •  Reputation of the brand is enhanced, and the risk of future exploitation is greatly decreased.

Our forensic team’s extensive technical and sector-specific knowledge in auditing, accounting, and investigation helps discover frauds, corruption, cybercrime, lawsuits, insurance claims, and provides customers with necessary advice.

In forensic auditing, we offer the following services.

  • Fraud resistance
  • Organizational investigations
  •  Services in forensic technology
  •  Investigations & compliance with anti-corruption laws
  •  Differences in financial reporting
  •  Act on False Claims
  •  Carefulness
  • Misappropriation of Assets

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