The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) announced the launching of a new integrated platform called EmaraTax. This will make it easier for taxpayers to use FTA services, pay their taxes, and get refunds while also enabling the FTA to administer taxes more effectively.

The new platform will enable quicker contact with taxpayers who need assistance and increase the FTA’s ability to manage taxes in the UAE. EmaraTax’s numerous new developments will benefit individual taxpayers as well as tax experts, attorneys, customs organisations, and certification organisations. The platform communicates with other governmental entities, such as the UAE Central Bank, and national technology-based programmes in order to streamline and maximise the usage of shared data. With the innovative EmaraTax platform, taxpayers may effectively ensure tax compliance and maximise their returns. It is predicted that when the EmaraTax is put into effect, a new era of taxpayer accountability would start. The enhanced capabilities and their associated higher security standards ensure that all taxpayer data is kept absolutely confidential at all times.

What Services You Can Access through the EmaraTax Platform?

The EmaraTax portal will offer online access to 119 tax services in the UAE in accordance with the FTA. As a result, EmaraTax provides 84 more services than the current FTA portal. The EmaraTax website gives you access to a variety of tax services, including tax registration, tax deregistration, tax return filing, tax payments, and tax refunds, among others. The services offered by EmaraTax can be further explained by tax consultants in Dubai.

The EmaraTax can be used efficiently by taxable individuals with the help of tax consultants in Dubai like Accruon Consultants. You will benefit from Accruon’s tax services in Dubai so that you can switch over to the new FTA platform without any trouble.

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